Lo-fi meets high-end production in a cohesive package.

Organizing for Action (OFA) was a political non-profit established after Barack Obama’s re-election in 2012 to continue the grassroots movement of his campaign and advocate for his policy agenda.


Create a small token of thanks to show our gratitude to the top Organizing for Action donors during the holidays. The gift needed to be something people would appreciate and use without looking too extravagant or being expensive to produce.


I created a custom OFA cup and packaging for a sipping chocolate wafer. The sipping chocolate is easily enjoyed and consumed, while the cup serves a lasting artifact and reminder of their relationship with OFA. The set was packaged in a small box with a handwritten note from the executive director. To stay within budget, multiple parts were designed to utilize lo-fi production methods that could be executed by the design team in-house. The cup and sticker were printed professionally, while pre-made paper was sourced to wrap the chocolate and two custom hand stamps were stamped on the box in-house.