A choose your own adventure sales presentation tool. 

Established as a forward-thinking outdoor footwear company, Keen had launched the Keen Utility work boot line to a new, more blue collar demographic. In addition to defining the voice of the brand which combined Keen’s forward-thinking values with a tougher, more practical message, we developed the interactive kit to help sales representatives tell the story.


Create a sales kit for KEEN Utility that would help sales reps introduce a new product line. Their original expectation was that the deliverable would be a PDF.


We learned that sales representatives didn’t always give the same exact pitch. They needed to customize presentations to the buyer, and have the flexibility to go off the scripted path as they were speaking. Considering this intended use, the sales kit solution evolved from a static PDF into a flexible interactive piece. The framework is similar to a digital magazine. Scrolling across gives the top line story. Scrolling down in any particular section provides more information. This allows the KEEN sales representatives to personalize their presentations — even on the spot.